Sunday, April 1, 2012

1 day until the release of “The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist”! (…plus your chance to win an autographed copy today)

Well actually… I miscalculated when the countdown began and despite the title of this post, there are 0 days left. The official release date for The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist is actually today. So go buy the book already! Or enter today’s contest for your last opportunity to win an autographed copy (details below.)

Our countdown ends with a bang: a 4-part mega-post of very random, but quality Clowes odds & ends that couldn’t be included in the book. We finish up with a Clowes/bOING bOING blast from the past.

Odds & Ends Depot
  • 1. Inspired by Clowes:
 A gigantic Little Enid head (go Presspop!)
Mal Rosen (a Clowes character from “Caricature) drawn by the esteemed cartoonist Charles Burns.
Some fan-created Tina dolls (!?)

Terry Zwigoff and Clowes talk about Ghost World the movie.

An  animated trailer for David Boring by John Kuramoto.

An Apple commercial featuring Clowes directed by Errol Morris.

  • 3. OK soda:

A couple of unusual promotional items for OK Soda.
Ken Parille: “In 1994 Coca-Cola test marketed a drink with the intentionally bland name of OK Soda. Coke enlisted indie cartoonists like Clowes and Charles Burns to create art for their ironically named “beverage” (the quote marks are Coke’s).”

  •  4. And for our finale:
Back in 1991 when was bOING bOING the zine, Mark Frauenfelder interviewed Clowes:

Mark Frauenfelder: “My wife Carla introduced me to the work of Daniel Clowes in 1986 when she brought home the first issue of his comic book, Lloyd Llewellyn, after stopping off at the comic book store to buy the latest issue of Love & Rockets. We both became instant fans of Clowes’s misanthropic sense of humor. Daniel hated everybody and everything, but his insights were profound and his sense of humor was dark and biting. The few times I’ve met Clowes, I’ve found him to be polite and approachable, quite different from the seething curmudgeon he depicts himself as in his comics. I’ve read at least 30 interviews with Clowes and, like the interview we ran in bOING bOING #6, they reveal that he is both an empathetic guy and a cynical recluse, which is what makes him – and his work – so fascinating.”

Special thanks to Mark Frauenfelder for posting these on with us and sponsoring our book giveaway contest!
The Art of Daniel Clowes: Modern Cartoonist is available today! Order a copy today from your local bookseller, the publisher, or Amazon. OR: Enter our contest today, your last chance to win a copy of the book autographed by Clowes. To enter, send an email to with your mailing address (only US mailing addresses are eligible and no PO boxes please) and put in the subject line today’s final contest code. Winners are being posted here

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